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Empowering Future Phlebotomists with Skills and Knowledge.

Becoming a Skilled Phlebotomist Starts Here!

Our experienced instructors and comprehensive curriculum have earned the trust of countless students seeking to excel in phlebotomy.

Join a community of learners who trust our commitment to excellence in phlebotomy education and mentorship.

About Us

These skill sets are for numerous healthcare providers. All courses are only for healthcare workers, the purpose of this course is to train healthcare professionals with the knowledge of IV insertion. In this course you will learn:

Wing infusion set placement and usage

Basic training for IV placement ONLY!

Other I.V. placement related issues

Certificate received upon completion!

4-hour hands-on training Session

Clinical's will be placed on weekends only! 


Our Services

IV Administration Workshop

4 Hr. | $399

Our Services Include

 IV Administration Course (4hrs)

Class- Lecture:

Hands-On Lab Session: 

$399 (non-refundable)


-18 Years or older High School Diploma

-Phlebotomy or Accelerated
-Phlebotomy or Clinical Medical Assisting (or Equivalent Field Experience).

Our Services Locations

GA, MD, Chicago IL, MO, FL, NJ, Dallas TX, and many more areas! We accept (2) or more students for registration!

All state guidelines/laws are not required to accept certificate! This Workshop gives you the training to advance in the Healthcare setting. 

Payment Options

-Pay In Full

-PayPal Acceptance

-Payment Plans (Contact Us)

-Payments must be made (2) weeks prior to training!


-$10 Fee, for new certificate reprint if name is spelled incorrectly at time of registration!


Phlebotomy Bureau Agency has a no-cancellation policy! If, a Covid-19-related situation occurs (proof), will be need it! Payments must be made three weeks prior to hands-on training! All state laws, guidelines, and requirements are not equally the same! However, they are not required to accept certificate. NO REFUNDS!



Due, to any unforeseen circumstances (flight cancellations), Phlebotomy Bureau will offer a refund or reschedule a workshop at your convenience. 


CERTIFICATE! Hands-on training required in order to receive certificate!


Thank you!


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"omg, you're gonna love this class!
I had a blast learning with Chryst..."

Aroyia Jones -4/1/22

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